"The Way of Qigong"
for Couples

An Exciting Adventure into Blissful Communion & Powerful Partnership


The Magnetic Body
The Electric Body
The Creative Body
The Divine Body

so you can
Love the Life You're Living!

  • ​10 90 Minute Classes
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Participant Evaluations
Spring Workshop 2023

"Absolutely! This workshop exceeded our expectations!"

"I must say that we did not fully know what we were signing up for and yet it was what we needed as a couple."

"Dianné was very inclusive and encouraging."

"My biggest takeaway: The importance of being present and that the practices help that to happen."

"This workshop was great."

"Class exceeded my expectations in regards to having a profound and positive impact with my beloved partner in life."

"It was a lot of fun and very helpful, thank you!"

"Yes, it was beneficial to our relationship, beneficial to my own mental well being, and it was fun!"

"In an effective, gentle, consistent way, Dianné helped motivate me to prioritize and tend to my relationship."
"Each class was intriguing, useful, eye opening. Offered great tools to build upon."

"Dianné offers a very heart felt approach to helping others."

"The environment felt safe."

"Dianné was professional, intuitive and kind."

"My biggest takeaway: To work on my energy first so we can amplify our energy together."

"I would love to get my daughter and boyfriend to attend - wish we would have had this info at the front end of our relationship."

"We truly grew closer through this workshop! Yes!"

"This workshop is SO much more than the Qigong practices. It's about getting your life and light back which is invaluable."

"This Rocked!"

Cultivate Deep Trust & Pure Adoration 
so you can
Strengthen Communication & Vitalize Intimacy


10 In Person 90 Minute Classes for the Couple

January 25 - April 18
(No Class: February 15, March 7, March 28)

Thursday Evenings: 6:30 - 8:00 PM

Winter Workshop: $1200 per couple
Early Bird Price: $975 per couple

4Pillars4Health EcoSpace/The Yurt
Monona, Wisconsin
Address & Details Available Upon Registration

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  • Restoration
  • Alignment
  • ​​Self Care
  • ​Pleasure 
  • ​Release of Pain
  • ​Respect
  • ​Intimacy
  • ​Performance


  • Focus
  • ​Serenity
  • Concentration
  • ​Contemplation
  • ​Clarity
  • ​Awareness
  • ​Precision
  • ​Radiance


  • Qigong Forms
  • Effortless Effort
  • ​Flow
  • ​Prana
  • ​Acceptance
  • ​Humility
  • ​Gratitude
  • ​​Graciousness


  • ​Communion
  • Trust
  • ​Courage
  • ​Commitment
  • ​Adoration
  • Communication
  • Sensuality
  • ​​Alchemy 
The Way of Qigong for Couples Workshop Offers an Extraordinary Experience Leaving Your Relationship Amplified and Transformed After Each Session!

"The Way of Qigong"
for Couples
Winter Workshop 2024

Participant Transformations
Spring Workshop 2023


"Peace, focus, present in mindfulness, feeling light and using it for better things in life, letting go of negativity."

"Able to increase my energy level."

"I can willingly open my heart."

"Better listening and communication."

"Developed more intentional or conscious patience with frustrations that arise."

"I have been calmer and more centered."

"Being purposive is much different than just being there."

"I miss the practices when we don't do them together in the mornings. I feel less connected to him those days. I can use the techniques we learned to calm or bolster my energy when I feel the need."


"Her connection with Qigong when she came in was skeptical. To hear her say, 'this stuff really works,' makes me smile. :)"

"Able to be present without thinking about 6 other things."

"Feeling beloved is very important to him."

"Better communion."

"An openness to utilizing and enhancing energy for self and us."

"My Beloved has been more positive and less likely to react negatively toward me."

"I respect her commitment to meditation."

"My beloved is more in tune with me in a way he hasn't before."


"Stronger, more powerful, more at ease, move loving!"

"Peace and comfort, sharing our energy as a form of connection."

"We can take time to be and can enjoy it."

"Closer and more forgiving."

"A combined commitment to understanding and working to enhance/build relationship. An agreed upon intention."

"We are communicating better and acting more as a team then two individuals."

"It does take conscious work."

"We are understanding of one another when we say we need time/space away. He has been more open to many kinds of conversation."



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Amplify Your Life Force

The Ultimate Nature of a Relationship is Deep and Abiding Connection

A Journey from Self to Soul to Beloved Ignites
A Life You Love Living!

Working on your energy body in the context of a relationship offers extraordinary benefits!

To reap the full rewards of your relationship, your Aura of Love must be amplified through intention, communion and techniques that enhance the connection, trust and divinity between you and your lover.

In this Winter Workshop, Dianné Jean Aldrich will meet you where you are at and guide you through ten comprehensive, intimate, enriching, informative and transformative sessions so you can maximize your inner power and boost your relationship with ancient forms of energy restoration. 

Meditation, teachings, couples qigong and sharing from the heart with Dianné Jean Aldrich will give you access to the ancient wisdom of amplifying the power and pleasure of partnership.

As you take time to step out of your daily patterns and open to new possibilities; joy, ease, increased focus and vitality will be yours while relieving the physical tension, mental stress, emotional imbalance, energetic stagnation, pain, confusion and overwhelm that can damage a relationship. 

Your energy levels will balance and harmonize improving mental, physical, emotional and relationship health.

You are invited to comprehend the essence of relationship and infuse your relationship with amplified light for a sacred and thriving lifestyle. 

You are invited to take an Inner Pilgrimage; A journey to meet your Internal Wisdom, your Internal Love, and your Internal Creative Life Force-Power. 

The warm light of your wisdom eliminates all distraction. 

The gentle restoration of your love nurtures your open heart. 

Creativity, curiosity, power, pleasure and the will to good are restored. 

When your wisdom, love and power enhance the wisdom, love and power of your beloved, magic is ignited!

As your Soul communes with the Soul of your love, bliss is a direct experience and a powerful partnership is formed, built and amplified.

Drawing on her key disciplines of...
-Shaolin Qigong: The 18 Lohan Hands
-Religaré & The 3 Keys of the Ancient Mystery Schools
-Sacred Sexual Alchemy
-The Meditation of Self Remembering
-Kundalini Yoga
-The 4 Pillars of Science, Mystery, Philosophy and Art
-The Direct Experience of Universal Energy
-Soul Inspired Discipline
-Intuitive Guidance
-and Genuine Care for the Spiritual Health of your relationship...

Dianné will offer a magnificent blend of foundational wisdom, essential energy concepts, techniques for conscious alignment with your bliss, Qigong forms, practical meditations that can be used in the daily life, a roadmap to profound mental clarity, healing guidance, loving care and sensitive compassion.

Dianné Jean Aldrich

Dianné Jean Aldrich
Sacred LifeStyle & 
Relationship Coach

Dianné Jean Aldrich is the owner of 4Pillars4Health EcoSpace, a sacred, transformative and inspirational space dedicated to the care of physical, mental and spiritual health. She has a dynamic background in the healing and performing arts and shares her passion, expertise and insight with a wide audience through the Ancient Mother MoonLodge, the Vibrant Love Academy, and through the Vibrant Love Mystery School in collaboration with Inca Chasqui Willaru Huayta.

Dianné is a graduate of the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance. Based in New York City for over 14 years, she is an international performer, choreographer, teacher and producer and received the prestigious Thayer Fellowship in the Arts from the State University of New York in 1993.

Dianné is a Spiritual Journey Consultant and Integrated Fitness Expert with more than 30 years of experience. Those who work with Dianné can anticipate a genuine connection from the heart, a precision approach to assessing and correcting inefficient structural and neuromuscular habits, improved overall well-being and profound guidance on their Spiritual Health, Physical Health & Relationship Health Journey. Dianné is masterful at holding sacred space for peace, healing, ceremony, spiritual and physical growth.

Dianné is a master teacher for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Dance Department, is an instructor at the UW-Hospital Wellness Center, teaches internationally and online, created the Core, Restore & Radiate method, the Alchemical Intimacy Training course for couples and serves her students and clients in a transformative bodywork practice at her healing arts studio, The Yurt.

Dianné returned to Wisconsin in 2003 to enjoy the pleasures of being a mother in a family friendly part of the Midwest and to offer back to her community of origin all that she had gained in the way of experience, knowledge, pilgrimage, prayer and divine inspiration with her Elders, Master Teachers and the Great White Brotherhood.
Her first two books are soon to be released; "The Serenity, Sex & Soul LifeStyle" and "Esoteric Inca; A Synthesis of Esoteric Science for Self Realization."

For her passionate commitment to the Water as a Water Carrier, Medicine Keeper and facilitator of the Lake Monona Water Walk, Dianné is A New People Choice Award Recipient – 2015 – A dedicated Global Citizen who is "Leading from the Heart!”


The  Multi-Faceted Work of 
Dianné Jean Aldrich

“This workshop has totally changed the way I use my body when I stand, walk and sit (posture). I have a conscious awareness’ that has improved my life and made me more positive and happier. The body is INCREDIBLE! I enjoy learning about all the inner muscles, and how to use them. I have decided to repeat the workshop!”

-Jon Landers
Sustainable Bodies, Sustainable Minds Workshop
“This class is supportive, calming and effective in bringing mindfulness and purpose to everyday aspects… walking, standing, bending. I loved the breakdown and mindfulness related to the details of body/joint awareness with standing/walking. The importance of building a strong/sturdy base and changing/making new, healthy habits were my biggest takeaways.”

-Student Evaluation
Core & Restore at UW Health Hospital

Dianné is a natural teacher, kind to her students, keen observer, clear communicator, and all - around beautiful person and spirit. This class far exceeded my expectations and is the best integrative wellness session I have ever attended.”

-James Baldwin
Core & Restore at UW Health Hospital

“I have been taking this class since the Fall of 2017. I continue to learn new things. Class has changed my life. I am stronger, more flexible, more balanced than I’ve been at any other time in my life.

-Student Evaluation
Core & Restore at UW Health Hospital

Dianné’s an excellent instructor - I plan to take part in sessions with her in her private practice.”

-Student Evaluation
Qigong & Practical Meditation Workshop

“All of the things listed above have either improved or been added to/enhanced by this class! Better focus, confidence, attitude. Improved shoulder flexibility and stronger more flexibility in my back. Considering the political and seasonal climate I’m keeping a positive attitude. Thank you!

-Paul Miller
Men's Class: Deep Core Power
“I have markedly benefited from taking many of Dianné's classes in Qi Gong and one on the importance of the body's core for our overall health and well being. Her latest class combined these two areas of expertise. Since Dianné is so gifted in pointing out the unity of body and mind and of the physical and the spiritual, she pulled off this ambitious class and helped me reach for a new level in my practice. And the class title made me recall the words of another key teacher, John Lennon: "you can radiate everything you are.”

-Stan Tymorek
Core, Restore & Radiate

Wow!! Amazing class week three - I am learning so much and it's a great start to my day! I mirror your video on my big screen tv and it's like you're in my living room with me. Your teachings are such a blessing! Love you!”

-Marvel Browne
Core, Restore & Radiate

“Hi Dianné! Wow, how nice it was to see you last week after 2 YEARS! 'just wanted to tell you that I was in such a great mood after class, and felt really good! It was nice to spend time just focusing on breathing - something I don't do enough of when left to my own devices. I also loved "making fire" and waking up my body with it. I was SO hot after we did that up and down our arms and legs - super cool. It was a slow, gentle class and exactly what I needed after such a long hiatus. Looking forward to more. <3”

-Alexis Buchanan
Core, Restore & Radiate

“I like the spirituality part of it, to feel a little closer to the universe. I had a lot of physical challenges this year, medically, so being able to do some of the movements I surprised myself with what I could do. I appreciate the ZOOM so I can participate and I appreciate the slower pace so I can accomplish the moves, it was good for me.”

-Cathy Parrot
Core, Restore & Radiate

“I expected training with Dianné to be really good, but was not prepared for just how extraordinary a teacher Dianné is. Her expertise and artistry are exceptionally deep."

-Katrina Wheeler
Dance For Health at UW-Health Hospital

“I would really like to offer your Qigong: Meditation in Motion class into curriculum again. I am so thankful for your teachings and how you infuse such positive energy and spirit into your classes. So many people in our last round commented how much they loved your class. We hope to offer it again.”

-Katherine Schwartz, Supervisor, UW-Health Hospital: Wellness Center

“Dianné’s Core and Restore class ought to be standard, required rehab, just like cardiac rehab is! It is for anyone recovering from a long illness, or major surgery, or for anyone who has lost strength and connection with their body for whatever reason. I would not have regained my strength, energy, and ability to move confidently without Dianné’s expert and experienced guidance. I had lost all my core muscle strength and my entire body was de-conditioned after a long bout with cancer and challenging side effects. When I started Dianné’s class, just getting to class was a workout. She expertly provided modifications for everyone in the class depending on what they were recovering from and their needs. She is a gifted teacher and healer, with several key strengths that make her an exceptional resource for health, recovery, and growth. Dianné has an eye for detecting even the slightest imbalance or weakness in how you move, plus a deep knowledge of the muscles and skeleton of the body which informs her ability to identify the source of the imbalance, and she has a gift for communicating to you how to find that spot in your body and learn the exercises necessary to strengthen it or bring it into balance.”

-Kristin Martin
Core, Restore & Radiate
"When I think of Dianné Jean Aldrich, I think of a holistic and intuitive healer that is able to address a person or a couple as a whole through the physical, the mental and the spiritual layers, using a toolkit that is varied and impressive, from meditation to marriage counseling to spiritual practices. Her background gives her the expertise to make assessments and intuit the root cause of a person’s ailment and devise a healing program using a toolkit that suits the individual.”

-Pavitra Misra
Sacred LifeStyle Coaching

“Dianné has more knowledge and experience than any one session could possibly reveal.
After years of receiving Dianné's care she still surprises me with more and more awareness, knowledge and experience.”

-Loren Whitewalker
Sacred LifeStyle Coaching

"My Teacher Dianné provides: A sense of inner calm that builds self confidence and esteem in students. Promotes individual accountability thru honest and direct conversation, which individuals can use as a framework for their own future conversations. Establishes clear process steps that lead to desired outcomes. Non judgmental, practical evaluation of behavior. Provides a safe environment to allow for individuals spiritual growth. Synergies work and personal life as one… which allows for untapped potential to positively impact."

-Jim Walker
Sacred LifeStyle Coaching
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